X-Mas News

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - 2001/2002!!

Hi there, it's been a year lasting 365 days, and we've enjoyed most of them thoroughly..

For us it's been a very expensive year, with both of our cars suffering mechanical difficulties. The MR2 chewing through heaps of oil and running dry, needing a rebuild - well; 2 rebuilds as the first one done by the local garage didn't pick up on the crack in the block.. The truck cracked it's head and needed a new one. So we moved that on, and got a younger station waggon.

Apart from the cars, this year's gone well. - We've really settled into our lifestyle block home which we moved into a year ago yesterday. We've slowly increased our stock on the farm to our current: 13 sheep, 2 horses + up to 8 visiting horses, 2 calfs and 2 cats. They've been really good, with minimal problems, and very very few vet visits. - Thankfully.

Stella's been taking part in some more One Day events, she's done 2 this month on her new horse: "Horice". Legend is still up for sale. She's been doing really well at these events and has been having a ball. There's some excellent photos of her jumping on the website.

Apart from a single early round of the Suzuki series I've not done any motorcycle racing this year. I'm not sure what my long term plans for this are. Priorities change I guess. I'm currently working on re-buliding a Kawasaki KDX-250cc motorcross bike. I think this will get a lot more use than the road race bike as I won't have to travel ~8 hours to get to events, and there's heaps of forrest tracks around the place I can go and have a little fun on... Hopefully, I'll have this finished before the New Year.

We had a fantastic trip back to Europe this year in July. Spending my Birthday in France with Mum and Dad, and getting back to the UK for Ed and Julie's wedding (Stel's cousin - Ed..). It was wonderful to catch up with friends and family this summer. - You're all sorely missed during the rest of the year! We had a relaxing time in Fiji on the way back home thanks to the Mitchell's.

In August we had a very pleasent suprise when Doug and Rosalie Parker turned up for Nigel Wilson's wedding to Sally. - So we spent a wonderful couple of days with them, and popped down to Palmerston North for a weekend away.

Since then we've been busy around home moving fenclines to make larger garden areas, keeping up with work, and preparing for alterations to the house which (council permitting) will start in January when Mum and Dad arrive for their 'holiday'. - I'll make sure they get some enforced time off. The plan is to knock the master bedroom wall through to the spare room, and to make a larger master bedroom, with an ensuite.

It's raining here today, (Christmas Eve..) and it's due to carry on tomorrow which thwarts our plans for a picnic on the beach tomorrow. - It might have to wait until Boxing Day. ;) - It's still strange to me to have Christmas in hot weather. If it wasn't for the radio stations playing Christmas music, it wouldn't feel like Christmas is tomorrow. - Never mind, we got to play on the JetSki at the weekend, and I'm still sunburnt from it, so IT'S ALL GOOD!

I shall close now, and get on with my bike re-build.

Take care, and we hope to see you all in 2002. - We're on a drive to make more of an effort keeping in touch with friends..

All the best, lots of love,

Chris and Stella.


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